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Air pollution is not solely an outdoor phenomenon. Several studies have revealed that the air we breathe indoors may be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside! A poorly maintained system can possess biological (bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses…) and physical contaminants (fiberglass, asbestos, dust, smoke, construction debris…) if left untreated this can lead: to “sick building syndrome”, excessive system energy use, overheating or mechanical breakdown.  Following a proper maintenance schedule which includes regular inspection and cleaning of HVAC components and ductwork will ensure your systems are functioning optimally. AWS can offer a full HVAC system cleaning plan which not only improves the indoor air quality of your office or building, but can extend equipment life while providing a more comfortable living environment.

AWS performs it’s Duct Cleanings using industry leading, portable HEPA filtered @ 99.97% efficiency, equipment which guarantees a superior quality finish. This specialized, portable equipment offers the power and mobility required to get the job done. We clean air handlers, heat pumps, fan coil units, supply & return ductwork, exhaust systems and more.

Whether it’s a low rise strip mall or multi-level sky scraper no job is to large or to small.

Health concerns:

Any amount of contamination of the AHU will result in the contamination of downstream portion of the system and even the conditioned space it feeds. Contamination of the cooling coils can have a greater impact on indoor air quality. The condensation that naturally forms on the cooling coils moistens the built-up contaminants (organic material) on the coils. This wet layer of dirt on the coils is typically the greatest source of microbial and or fungal growth in the residential HVAC system. This type of contamination can result in the spread of microbial and fungal contaminants throughout the rest of the supply duct system, as well as, all areas of the conditioned space (living space). Other than dust and allergies, dirty systems can lead to health issues. Read more

Unit efficiency:

The build-up of contaminants can significantly affect the performance and efficiency of the AHU. The fan unit forces the air through the entire system, any build-up of contaminants on the inner curvature of the AHU fan blades will greatly reduce the air flow rate produced by the fan unit. Build-up of contaminants on the cooling coils will also significantly reduce the air flow rate of the system. Build-up on the coils will blocks the air flow through the coils. Any reduction of system air flow will result in longer running times and increased heating loads.

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Aeroseal Duct Sealing
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HVAC & Ductwork Inspection
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IAQ, Mold, Radon Testing & Remediation


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Air Induction Unit Cleaning
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Dryer, Dust, Fume, Kitchen, Laboratory and Washroom Duct Exhaust System Cleaning


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Cooling Tower Cleaning
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