Award winning duct sealing technology, save up to 30% on heating and cooling cost every time you turn your system on. Improve comfort & save your money. Don’t just clean your air ducts, seal the leaks and seal in the savings!

Improve indoor air quality, system performance and reduce health issues.  We clean the entire HVAC system:  Furnace, Blower Wheel, Air Handlers, Heat Pumps… Ductwork: Supply & Return, Exhaust Systems: washroom, dryer, kitchen … right through to the vent covers nothing gets missed. Schedule your duct cleaning or repair today.

Please contact us for specialized Condominium group rates.

Just because it’s hidden, doesn’t mean it’s clean! Book a duct system or HVAC inspection and find out what’s lurking in your ventilation system. Ask us about our “Duct Leakage” inspection package.

Let’s face it, humans are weak when it comes to surviving in the wild. As such the average north american person spends about 87% of their time, or a whopping 21 hours per day, in doors. Most of these indoor environments have mechanically conditioned air. It just makes sense to test the air to know what your breathing in daily!
Using industry leading technologies, AWS can test for Mold, Radon and various Indoor Air properties (Temp, RH%, Dust, VOC, CO, CO2….) Book your air test today and start to improve your indoor air quality.